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Here at Yourra! we do like to shout and express our happiness, and also help our clients to recognize and develop their own identity, making it bold and memorable.
The recipe to do that is by focusing and deeply understanding the single elements of a new project to gradually make them part of an inspiring seamless whole...add creativity to taste!
Y O U R R A!
70.3 Marrakech
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Web commercial Brand content


The IRONMAN 70.3 MARRAKECH had its fist edition in Fall 2019. The sport event needed to gain visibility in a competitive field, and convince a european audience to combine sport and tourism. Video was a prime mean to get there, and we chose to depart from a traditional sports reporting to focus on the excitement and wonderment.

What we delivered


We delivered a pre-launch video teaser, then shootings during the 2019 edition led to web commercials and a 26′ documentary where 3 top athletes share their unique experience.

All produced assets focus on a storytelling that matches both this extreme sport’s identity and the soul behind the Marrakech event: the real adventure is beyond the finish line.

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