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Here at Yourra! we do like to shout and express our happiness, and also help our clients to recognize and develop their own identity, making it bold and memorable.
The recipe to do that is by focusing and deeply understanding the single elements of a new project to gradually make them part of an inspiring seamless whole...add creativity to taste!
Y O U R R A!
Comité Léger
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Comité Léger





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The Comité Léger, under the aegis of Nadia Léger’s grandson and great-granddaughter, is authorized to issue certificates of authenticity. It is also able to issue opinions on multiple works as lithographs, bronzes, ceramics and mosaics.

After having worked many years alongside with Fernand Léger’s legal representatives to acquire their authenticity, the Comité wanted to go to the next step by being the number one reference for the painter. Therefore they needed a website reflecting their professionalism as well as their attachment to the artist.

What we delivered


The aim was to create an easy to navigate website as many buyers are not web accustomed, mixing up the Fernand Léger’s painting style with a professional and trustfull approach.

We condensed all informations on a 6 pages basis, with soft animations tending to play with the word Léger (Light in english) by giving the sensation of floating letters and blocks.

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